Our CHOICE Values:
  • C– Collaboration “We believe we work better together”. By partnering with Health Centers across Philadelphia, we help streamline the process of getting patient’s affordable and accessible medication right to their door.
  • H– Honesty “Better business practices lead to better results”. At Ritechoice, integrity, transparency, and clarity are at the core of everything we do. We communicate openly and follow-through with our commitments.
  • O– Opportunity “We open doors” We believe that when we create opportunities for growth in the community, people will take them! When a community grows, we grow. We work together with our health partners to create and facilitate more opportunities for patient programming and community outreach. This in turn, creates opportunity for ALL.
  • I- Innovation “We are the future of pharmacy care” At RiteChoice, we are constantly finding new ways to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. We leverage our knowledge and commitment to quality pharmacy practices to create a more streamlined process for patient and providers. Our unique on-site presence sets us apart from other pharmacy care providers and yields additional resources that are channeled back into the community.
  • C– Community “ Community and connection are at our core” Our goal is to improve the overall health of the residents of the communities we serve. We know that a healthy community is a happy one.
  • E– Education “Get the tools you need to make the ‘Rite Choice’ for you”. Achieving a healthier community requires the right educational tools. We provide our patients and Health Partners with counseling, educational materials, compliance information and support, education on Federal and State guidelines, and more to ensure everyone has the right tools to achieve a better, healthier, and higher quality of life.